Charlie - Weather

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Hello everybody! Today I have brought you a very important topic of my country. We are going to talk about the weather.

Let’s see some basic words that you really have to know in this topic.

Nouns - főnevek  
sun nap
wind szél
rain eső
cloud felhő
fog köd
storm vihar
lightning villám
thunder dörgés
sunny napos
windy szeles
rainy esős
cloudy felhős
foggy ködös
snowy havas
stormy viharos
the sun is shining süt a nap
the wind is blowing fúj a szél
it’s raining esik az eső
it’s snowing  esik a hó




Some useful sentences

As you know I live in a small town called Fleetwood, at the Northwest corner of England. This town is on the seashore so the weather is often wet. Always take your umbrella when you go for a walk. It is never hot in my town in the summer.
It isn’t very cold in the winter - it’s usually 5 degrees here.
But finally it’s a sunny day today, yesterday was very cloudy in Fleetwood.
Usually October is foggy in this part of England but it’s rarely snowy.
When it’s raining everything is grey and sad. I don’t like rainy weather.  
But today the sun is shining and it’s dry. It isn’t raining

Match the words with the pictures

 1. Windy  2. Cloudy 3. Rainy
4. Sunny 5. Foggy 6.  Snowy

 A  B
exercise 1 exercise 2
 C  D
exercise 3 exercise 4
exercise 5 exercise 6







Complete the sentences

Today it is outside, take an umbrella if you go out.

It is very in Siberia in winter.

Yesterday it was so we went skiing in the mountains.

It is 35 today. The sun is .

When there is a storm you can see and hear the .

Put these warm gloves on. It’s outside.

Read the weather forecast and choose TRUE or FALSE

Welcome to the weather forecast. Now, let’s see what the weather is like today. In the North of the country it’s very windy and cold. There is a chance of some rain too, so don’t leave home without your umbrella! The temperature is around 10º centigrade. In the East it’s rainy all day today, I’m afraid. There may be a thunderstorm in the afternoon. The temperature is a bit higher, at around 13º. In the West and middle of the country the weather is dry, but cloudy. So no rain for you, but it is quite windy and the temperature is around 10º. The South of the country has the best weather today. It’s cloudy most of the time but sunny this afternoon. The temperature is around 15º. 

In the North of the country it’s raining.


There will be a strong wind in the North.


The temperature in the East is higher than in the North.


The weather is sunny in the middle of the country.


The temperature in the North is as low as in the West.