Charlie - Timewords

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Hello again! I have to confess that organization is one of the most important things in my life. I cannot imagine my life without a strict time schedule. “Time is money!” as it’s said. So let’s see the most important time words.

day nap
week hét
month hónap
year év
decade évtized
century évszázad
second másodperc
minute perc
hour óra
the days of the week – a hét napjai
Monday hétfő
Tuesday kedd 
Wednesday szerda
Thursday csütörtök
Friday péntek
Saturday szombat
Sunday vasárnap
the day before yesterday tegnapelőtt
yesterday tegnap
today ma
tomorrow holnap
the day after tomorrow holnapután
weekend hétvége
the parts of the day - napszakok
morning reggel, délelőtt
noon dél
afternoon délután
evening este
night éjszaka
the 12 months of the year – az év 12 hónapja
January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December
the 4 seasons – a négy évszak
spring tavasz
summer nyár
autumn ősz
winter tél



prepositions of time


hónapok, évszakok, év + néhány napszak
In the morning
In the afternoon
In the evening
In June
In August
In (the) summer
In 2015
napok, dátumok
On Sunday
On the 21st of October
napszakok, hétvége, óra, ünnepek
At night
At noon
At the weekend
At Christmas
At New Year

Can you read these words? Put the letters in the correct order.








Answer the questions with the right day.

Today is Monday.

What day is tomorrow?

What day was yesterday?

Today is Wednesday.

What day is tomorrow?

What day was yesterday?

Today is Friday.

What day is tomorrow?

What day was yesterday?

Complete the sentences.

There are 8760 hours in a

There are 1200 months in a

There are 168 hours in a

There are 1440 minutes in a

Write the names of the seasons under the pictures.

exercise 1

exercise 2

exercise 3

exercise 4

Complete with IN, ON, AT and a time expression.

Christmas – seven o’clock – September – the afternoon – winter – noon - 1st of May

In Siberia it’s very cold .

In Italy many people have a siesta .

In many European countries children go back to school .

I usually get up in the morning.

In many countries people don’t work .

In Hungary bells sound every day .

people give presents in many countries all over the world.