Charlie - Feelings

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Good morning everybody! Today is a beautiful day here in Fleetwood. The sun is shining and I am very happy because I am going on holiday for a few days. Unfortunately I am very tired as I worked a lot in the last two weeks but finally I can leave tomorrow. And before I leave I am going to teach you some words and expressions related to feelings. Let’s see them together.

TO BE + Adjectives – Létige + melléknév
happy boldog I am happy.
 angry   mérges  She is angry.
 sad   szomorú  He is sad.
 surprised   meglepett  You are surprised.
 hungry   éhes  We are hungry.
 ill   beteg   She is ill.
 thirsty   szomjas He is thirsty.
 upset   feldúlt I am upset.
 tired   fáradt  He is tired.
 cold   fázik  I am cold here.
hot melege van She is hot.
well jól érzi magát We are well.
healthy egészséges They are healthy.
calm nyugodt She is calm.
nervous ideges He is nervous.

Love/ Like/ Hate + noun /főnév
I love my family.
I like my home.
I don’t like my job.
I hate snakes.

Feeling verb: LIKE/LOVE/HATE + –ing form – szeret/utál csinálni valamit
Men usually love watching football.
Women usually love buying shoes and bags.
Charlie likes reading a book and writing essays.
But he doesn’t like going to parties and chatting.
And he hates dancing and listening to music.

WOULD LIKE (WANT) + to + infinitive – szeretne csinálni valamit
I would like to drink a coffee.
The boy would like to play a computer game.
My mother and my father would like (want) to travel to Australia.

Complete the sentences with the correct adjectives and one of the following verbs: GO, SWITCH ON, DRINK, GO, SCREAM


He is . He would like to water.


He is . He wants to to the beach.


She is . She wants to to the doctor.


He is . He would like to the heating.


She is . She would like to loudly.

Complete the sentences with the –ING form of the correct verb


Aunt Molly hates .


Emma loves to music.


My parents and Molly like cards.


I like the newspaper.

Match the opposites

sad, warm, hungry, well, healthy, calm