Charlie - Countryside

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Hello, this is a special occasion because we are going to look around in the countryside where I live. I am going to tell you about my hometown, Fleetwood, a small town in the Northwest corner of England.

Nouns - főnevek  
mountains  hegyek
forest  erdő 
lake  tó 
field  mező, szántó, legelő
path  ösvény, földút
country road  országút 
river  folyó 
bridge  híd  
hill  domb, kisebb hegy
wood  kisebb erdő
town  kisváros
village  falu  
farm  tanya 
cottage  tanyaház
farmer  földműves 
church  templom
go swimming in the lake  úszik a tóban 
go walking (for a walk)  sétál, kirándul
have a picnic  piknikezik
see the wildlife  nézi a természetet/állatokat
go skiing  síel 
horse  ló
hen  tyúk
cow  tehén
sheep  birka
pig  disznó 
Baby animals    
foal  csikó 
chick  csibe 
calf  borjú 
lamb  bárány 
piglet  malac 



Match the words with the numbers

exercise-1exercise 2

Wood, hill, village, river, field, cow, path, bridge

1. b

2. r

3. v

4. h

5. p

6. f

7. w

8. c

9. c

Complete the sentences

My uncle, Herbert lives in a small v. He is a postman. Every Friday he brings letters all around the countryside. Sometimes he takes 20 kilometres to get to Mr. Smith’s f. Mr. Smith is a farmer and he lives in a small c with his wife, Mrs Smith. They have a lot of a: horse, hen, pig. The c and the calf are in the f.

Answer the questions. Choose the right answer form A,B or C.

I am from Fleetwood, Lancastershire in the United Kingdom. I live in a town called Fleetwood which is on the seashore. In the picture you can see our beautiful lighthouse. I live in a house in a quiet street in the countryside. The street is called "Kings Street" and the house is old - more than 100 years old! I am an English lecturer and scientist at a college near the centre of the town. I like books, music and taking photographs. I usually have lunch in the college. I usually go home by bus. I get off at the last stop and then I need to walk almost half an hour to get home.

I like walking in the countryside, observing the wildlife and listening to the birds singing. At the weekend I often go for a long walk or for a swim in the lake near the town.

Where does Charlie live?

in a city
in a lighthouse
in „Kings Street”

Where is his town in England?

near London
near Fleetwood
near the sea

What does he do?

he’s a scientist
he’s a photographer
he’s retired

How does he go home?

by bus and on foot
by bike
by car

What does he usually do walking home from the bus stop?

reads a book
stops to swim in the lake
listens to the birds singing

What does he do at the weekend?

sings with the birds
goes for a long walk
has lunch in the college

Write the missing word next to the pictures.

exercise 3 1. sheep - lamb

exercise 4

- calf

exercise 5

horse -

exercise 6

- chick