Angol szintfelmérő

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  • Nagyon ügyelj a helyesírásra, mert ha már csak 1 betűt is tévesztesz, 0 pontot kapsz az adott feladatra.
  • A feladatok egyre nehezebbek, tehát amikor úgy érzed, hogy az adott feladat már meghaladja tudásod, görgess az oldal aljára és kérd a kiértékelést.
  • A speciális karaktereket a következőképpen tudod helyettesíteni: ä = ae, ß = ss

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1. Egészítse ki a mondatot. (beginner)

We ....... Spanish.


What ....... your name?


....... they married?


....... I in Room 7?


'Is that car German?' 'Yes, ....... is.'


'Is your brother tall?' 'No, ....... isn't.'


'What's ....... name?' 'I'm Molly.'


Maria is American. ....... surname's Kelly.


2. Tegye többes számba a szavakat. (beginner)

door -

person -

3. Adja meg a szavak angol megfelelőjét. (beginner)

öt -

kilenc -

tizenkettő -

húsz -

hétfő -

péntek -

kedd -

anya -

fia -

gyerek -

4. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb in brackets. (elementary)

I (not ask) for a latte - I asked for an espresso.

Vincent (write) me an email four days ago.

I (buy) a new book last weekend.

Who (be) the three greatest artists of the twentieth century?

He has an exam on Thursday so he (study) now.

you ever (break) your arm?

He (look for) a job when he leaves university.

'How often you (travel) by train?' 'Every day.'

Where (be) he last Wednesday afternoon?

Karen (not like) going to the theatre.

5. Complete the sentences with one word. (elementary)

The museum is closed Sundays.

Toby have a girlfriend?

I spoke to him on the phone 20 minutes .

There isn't butter on the table.

I'm taller my father.

your sunglasses new?

'What's the time?' 'It's half five.'

'What's that?' 'It's identity card.'

They like the film - they left after 20 minutes.

aren't many houses in the village.

6. Complete the sentences. Use the correct form of the verb in brackets. (pre-intermediate)

Tod (watch) TV at the moment.

The sports hall (not clean) on Wednesdays.

Ella (have) blonde hair, but now she's quite dark.

What he (find) when he opened the door?

When we arrived, they already (leave) - the house was empty.

She (meet) her new boss last week.

Happy anniversary! How long you (be) married?

I don't think it (snow) this week. It's too warm.

We left the cinema because we (see) the film before.

Pizza (make) with flour, oil, tomatoes and cheese.

7. Complete the sentences with one word. (pre-intermediate)

How bread do you eat?

I do the washing up now. I'll do it later.

A chemist's is a place you buy medicines.

A: I don't like Chinese food. B: do I.

Put some shoes. We're going outside.

We walked of the shop, because the music was too loud.

it was a warm day, she wore a big winter coat.

I went to Rome learn Italian.

What you do if it rains this afternoon?

A Have you heard the news? B No, not .

8. Complete the sentences. Use the correct form of the verb in brackets. (intermediate)

If I found £20 on the floor in a shop, I (give) it to one of the assistants.

My mother (go) to salsa dance classes for the last two months - she loves it!

Wait until Roberto (get) here and then the meeting can begin.

I think I (send) Pedro the wrong file when I emailed him yesterday.

Diana told me she (want) to start learning French.

I (drink) less coffee at the moment to see if it helps with my headaches.

'Is Mike at home?' 'He (go) to the shops. He'll be back in an hour.'

When we returned, we saw that somebody (break) one of our windows.

I would have invited you to the party if I (know) you were around!

'Didn't you hear your phone ring?' 'No, I (listen) to music on headphones.'

9. Complete the sentences with one word. (intermediate)

It won't take long to paint this room, it?

That's the door takes you back to reception.

You wouldn't have missed the train if you stayed in bed so long.

Wait everyone is here before you start the meeting.

If I you, I wouldn't say anything and just forget about it.

Will Donna be to give me a lift to the station later?

Chris me if I knew why he had been made redundant.

You're Andy's new secretary, you?

The car park is free - you don't to pay!

I didn't to like cabbage but I love it now.

10. Complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first. (upper-intermediate)

My old password was easier to remember. My new password isn't to remember as my old one.

Someone was redecorating their house at the time we went. Their house was at the time we went.

Marta could speak three languages when she was 15. Marta was speak three languages when she was 15.

Their father said they could stay up later yesterday. Their father let up later yesterday.

Does the dentist check your teeth every six months? Do you have your every six months?

There isn't a better restaurant than this one in our town. This is restaurant in our town.

I no longer help my brother with his homework. I've given my brother with his homework.

Do you think they'll offer you the job? Do you think you'll the job?

You shouldn't eat so many cakes and biscuits. You to eat so many cakes and biscuits.

'Did he meet his wife at university?' I asked. I asked if he his wife at university.

11. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb in brackets. (upper-intermediate)

A: It's so cold in here. B: I (turn on) the heating if you like.

I never feel like (go) to the cinema during the week.

Have you seen my wallet? I (look for) it all morning.

My wife wants me (ask) my boss for more time off work.

If you (tell) him what's happened, he'll understand.

A: Where's Tom? B: I think he (have) a rest at the moment.

I (not take) the job if the salary had been too low.

John isn't good at (reply) quickly to emails.

The teacher made them (do) their homework again.

I'm so sorry. I promise I (not forget) your birthday next year.

12. Complete the sentences. Use the correct form of the verb in brackets. (advanced)

I think you'd have got the job if you (not ask) that stupid question.

Call an ambulance! Mrs Jones (run over) by a car!

I (writing) my essay for an hour when my computer crashed and lost it all.

I'm sure you wish you (not buy) that car. It's been nothing but trouble.

We (practise) this dance for nearly two months, so it should go well tonight.

I think I (learn) enough Chinese by the time I go to China.

I wanted to meet Anna, but she (already leave) when I got to the party.

We couldn't go inside the church because it (redecorate).

I (still work) at 7.00. I don't finish till 8.00 on Thursdays.

You shouldn't (spend) so long in the sun yesterday - you've got sunburn.

13. Complete the sentences with one word. (advanced)

I wish you keep leaving the door open when you leave the room.

Don't me for your problems - they're your responsibility.

I don't really feel going out tonight - let's stay in.

Do you have any idea Marc is coming to football practice this week?

It sounds as the neighbours are arguing again.

Neither Roger Belinda are interested in joining the reading group.

We're the roof fixed next week - the rain is starting to come through it.

There's milk in the fridge. Can you go and get some from the corner shop?

I can't used to this computer mouse - it's really different from my old one.

If you still feel unwell, you'd go home and go to bed.

14. Complete the sentences with one word. (upper-advanced)

Gabriel loves sports and Jane even more .

I don't have time to play golf with Andrew. In case, I don't even know how to play.

I can garlic cooking. Is someone in the kitchen making dinner?

to the newspaper, all the trains have been cancelled next week.

Luis can't heard my message. Otherwise he would have phoned.

We had a good holiday even it rained quite a lot.

We to have asked Muriel to look at the laptop. She knows all about computers.

When I was little, my dad always cook a big breakfast on Saturday morning.

My new car cost three times as as my last one.

Not is it raining, the car also won't start.

15. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb in brackets. (upper-advanced)

How long you and Stan (go out)?

I was watching TV when the telephone (ring).

You seem (work) really hard lately. Don't you think you should have a holiday?

Could you get someone (help) us with some work in the office?

You wouldn't be in a rush now if you (wake up) earlier this morning.

I wish that I (not give) Peter my phone number.

Not until I've saved enough money (I / leave) home and try to find my own flat.

I (plan) a party if I'd known it was your birthday.

Did you see some kids (play) football in the park yesterday afternoon?

I'd rather you (wait) here for Jan to come back.