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A Sacrifice for Harry?

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Meghan Markle may have spent the last 36 years building  her career, family and friendship group - but she'll have to go by a completely different name if she becomes part of the Royal Family. Meghan and Prince Harry have been dating for almost 18 months, and speculation is rife that an engagement announcement is imminent. The pair have been getting close ever since last June, when they were introduced  mutual friends in London. Meghan shared Instagram pictures herself at Buckingham Palace and in the royal box at Wimbledon during her trip, but no-one twigged they were together October 2016. Now it seems a proposal could be coming very soon as the couple are thought to be making their first official appearance together the Invictus Games - Harry's own project - in Toronto tomorrow.

 While they've both separately acknowledged their relationship interviews {and in Harry's case, a blistering Kensington Palace statement warning the Press to give Meghan some space}, they've never been seen together in an official capacity in public. If they do make their debut tomorrow in Meghan's adopted hometown, an engagement may be just around the corner. And in that case, Meghan will have to take a brand new name upon marriage, much as Kate Middleton did when she wed Prince William in 2011. While she'll keep her own first name informal situations, Meghan could be known in the public sphere as Princess Rachel of Wales. Her full name is Rachel Meghan Markle, but she goes by her middle name for her work on Suits and other acting jobs.

Harry's surname is Wales, his dad Prince Charles' royal title, meaning Meghan will follow in his mum Diana's footsteps and become the first Princess of Wales since her death in 1997. The title skipped over Kate and William, who became the Duchess and Duke of Cambridge their wedding day. Harry and Meghan, who are unlikely to ever become king and queen given that Harry is now fifth in line for the throne after William's children George and Charlotte, may also be given extra titles on the day they marry, as is royal tradition. As well as his dukedom, William was given Earl of Strathearn and Baron Carrickfergus when he tied the knot. His uncles Prince Andrew and Prince Edward were also handed more titles on their own wedding days.

Meanwhile, as proposal chatter reaches fever point, Harry is thought to have met Meghan's parents to gain their approval. It's also reported that he has introduced his girlfriend his family earlier in the year, and she'd been accepted as his significant other.


/Adapted from the British Press/