Hello everyone!

Last week I had to go to London because I needed to borrow some books from the London Library. To tell the truth I don’t really like city life. It’s too busy for me and I don’t know the streets very well. As you will see below I had to ask for directions this time too. But first let’s learn some important words related to the city.

basic english, angol nyelvkeckék, in the city


Here I am again! Today we are going to talk about the parts of the body. Let’s see some important words together.

basic english, angol nyelvkeckék, body, angol nyelvtanfolyam

Welcome to my home!

Today I am going to show you a bit of my flat. As I told you before I live in a very old house, in a small flat on the second floor. There is a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom, and a bathroom in my flat. Let’s look around in my living room today.

basic english, angol nyelvkeckék, living room, angol tanfolyam

Welcome again to my home.

Today I am going to tell you a bit about my daily routine and we are going to speak about the most important objects and verbs related to the bedroom and the bathroom. Let’s see these useful words.

basic english, angol nyelvkeckék, bedroom, bathroom, english learning


Hello, hello everyone! Welcome again! This week I decided to show you around in my kitchen. I’m not a really good cook but fortunately my aunt, Molly often comes to visit me and always surprises me with some delicious cake. Let’s see together the most important expressions.

basic english, angol nyelvkeckék, kitchen, angol tanulás online


Hello everybody! Let me introduce you my family, and then we are going to learn some useful expressions too.

basic english, angol nyelvkeckék, family, online angol tanulás

Hello everybody!

Today I have brought you a very important topic of my country. We are going to talk about the weather.

basic english, angol nyelvkeckék, weather, angol nyelvleckék


Hello, this is a special occasion because we are going to look around in the countryside where I live. I am going to tell you about my hometown, Fleetwood, a small town in the Northwest corner of England.

basic english, angol nyelvkeckék, countryside, angol nyelvtanfolyamok


Good morning everybody! Today I got up very early in the morning because during the night I had a brilliant idea what to talk about in this chapter. When I was a child I was very interested in geography. I loved watching the world map and imagining people who live all over the world. That is the reason why I became a linguist. I wanted to understand everybody. So today I have decided to speak about the countries and the languages.

basic english, angol nyelvkeckék, countries and languages, angol tanulás


Hello again! Today I would like to speak a bit about clothes. To tell the truth I prefer classical style and most of the time I wear a suit and tie especially when I go to work in the college. Let’s see what people wear!

basic english, angol nyelvkeckék, clothes


Hello everybody! What can you see when you look at yourself in the mirror? Are you tall or short? Do you have short or long hair? Are your eyes blue or green? Or how could you describe your mother, your father or your best friend? Let’s learn some words and expressions together to be able to speak about the physical appearance.

basic english, angol nyelvkeckék, describing people, english online


Hello again! I have to confess that organization is one of the most important things in my life. I cannot imagine my life without a strict time schedule. “Time is money!” as it’s said. So let’s see the most important time words.

basic english, angol nyelvkeckék, timewords


Good morning everybody! Today is a beautiful day here in Fleetwood. The sun is shining and I am very happy because I am going on holiday for a few days. Unfortunately I am very tired as I worked a lot in the last two weeks but finally I can leave tomorrow. And before I live I am going to teach you some words and expressions related to feelings. Let’s see them together.

basic english, angol nyelvkeckék, feelings, summer, tanulj angolul