Leo - 7. rész

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Leo seems to be in trouble. Place the terms related to drugs back to the email.

addiction, blood, depressed, developed, dose, drugs, GP, norm, rehab, unconsciously

Hi Kate,

Imagine, I went back to the doctor's and strangely enough, my sample contained some I have never tried before! According to the local , there was such an enormous of GHB, that is, 'Gina' in my body that I could easily have a serious to some of its elements by now or I might even have been raped !! F*ck!! I'm absolutely puzzled! What if things I can't even think of happened...for real?! I mean, it's insane!!! I can’t remember!! This explains why I have been drinking more and more lately but I guess there's more to it than that! By the way, I've been rather bored, sleepy and recently so I just thought I couldn't get used to the dull weather here and started to have some beers, sometimes a couple of glasses of wine..every day. In the last few weeks that's become the . Now that I'm writing to you, I'm beginning to realize, I must be in trouble already. I'm starting to believe I might have to interrupt my studies and go to !! I have to talk to you right NOW, I'll call you instead...

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