Leo - 6. rész

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Hello Sweets,

I took the doctor’s advice and went to the police station, but doing so I asked the guys what they had seen in the bar . They told me that they had taken the drinks with them they had gone to the dancefloor. I remember that I didn’t feel like dancing so I stayed at the table and watched a match on TV. But I needed to go to the loo, so I left my beer on the table . Jaime and Theon (the guys I’m sharing my room with) picked up some girls and they left . I don’t have the faintest idea what happened at all.  The thing I can recall is waking up dazed in the sand on the beach. It must have been when I came round. I had a terrible headache and my stomach was upset. I got back to the hostel ,the guys had already gone to class.

I told the police inspector about every little detail I can remember, but there’s almost no clue to find the person who robbed me .  The bastard!!

I still believe it has something to do with the drink I had.. I feel a bit guilty, but I don’t think I should give up drinking when I’m out with friends…L

What do you think??

I miss you,


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