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Hi Darling,
I must tell you the most awesome experience I’ve had I came here. It really made my day! As part our ’Cutting Edge Architectural Design’ class, this morning we paid a visit the latest design attraction in Brighton: the British Airways i360! You know, I’ve wanted to see it ever since its first plans were published about three years . This spectacular observation tower said to be the first and tallest vertical cable car the world! It was designed Marks Barfield Architects, who are the creators of the London Eye. However, the glass pod, looks somewhat like a UFO, is ten times bigger a capsule on the London Eye and can hold to 200 people. It’s just giant! One flight about 25 minutes and we went up 138 metres . The view was absolutely breathtaking! The structure of it just blew me away – it really is challenging, hi-tech and futuristic! The elements of the tower manufactured in Holland, the glass pieces were handmade in Italy and France. They are all assemled to create a very elegant design, so the place is suitable formal events, receptions, conferences and weddings. I loved bit of it. And since our professor is on good terms the architects, we didn’t even to pay a penny for our special guided tour.
Honestly, it’s been the best day far.

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