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Hi Sweety,

How are you? I hope you’re great. To be honest, I’m not so well at the moment. Well, I think I have to admit something. I feel so awkward, I can’t even begin __________(1) you what’s happened…

First of all, I skipped my class this morning because I’m having terrible headaches, but it’s not exactly what I wanted to say.. I mean, I was really really stupid last night! It’s probably the first thing I did in Brighton which I’m not particularly proud __________(2) at all. But don’t worry, I’m OK.

The thing is, I guess I was robbed while we were out last night…! I know what you’re going to say, and you __________(3). I shouldn’t have drunk so much. What an idiot I’ve been! And on top of all that, I can’t even remember anything at all! The only recollection I have of yesterday evening is that we went to some popular local place called Riki Tik Beach Bar and we had some beer…and __________(4) shots maybe. That’s all! And of course, I had a lot of cash on me me. About £100 in my wallet which was in my pocket, as __________(5). I really don’t know what to say, it’s so utterly embarrassing…and I don’t want to put the blame on anyone else but as a fact, I’ve never been so knocked out by alcohol in my life, and it makes the whole thing so suspicious! I’ve got a feeling that someone __________(6) something in the drinks. I have no idea how the other guys are, they’re all in class right now so we haven’t talked  yet.

Anyway, I’m determined to find out what really happened. But right now I’m still feeling terrible, I must lie down a bit.

I’m so sorry, Kate..

Talk to you soon,



to say
to tell
to talk




have truth
have right
are right


a little
a few
a couple




must put
mustn’t put
must have put

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