Greg - 9. rész

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Last weekend was Challenge Day, or to more exact Challenge Weekend, organized for  lifeguards working in the State California. There were 3 events: the first was held Saturday morning when we had to swim 1500 meters, in the second event, which was held in afternoon, we had to run 500 meters in the sand, and there was a beach volleyball championship on Sunday morning. Well, in the swimming and the running race I was not the best to say the least, I was near the bottom of the list of the also-rans... :-( But in volleyball we were simply beatable, thanks especially my mate who was really on form! So we won the championship and a huge bottle of champagne ( it was at least 5 litres) that we did not save a rainy day. :-) The other teams helped finish it, of course! It was a fun weekend and I a lot of friends. 

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