Greg - 8. rész

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Oh, man, I'm so tired, and Im aching all over! We went hiking yesterday and I think it was far too much me. We went to the mountains because Jess wanted to see a tarn and a nearby cave there. We set off  early in the morning foot, then part of the  journey was by boat – we missed the one we had planned to catch so we wasted a lot of time wait for the next one – then we had to walk again, uphill of course. I struggling a bit after a few kilometres, I hadn't been hiking for some time...When we got to the tarn I forgot my hard sweat in a flash: both the tarn and it's surroundings were breathtaking, it was well worth climb up there. We splashed about for a in the cool, clear water of the tarn like children, then we lay down in a clearing soaking up the sunshine and the peace and quiet...After a short visit the cave – it was very small and nothing much to write home about – it was time to go home. In spite it's physical impact on me, it was a lovely day trip! :-)

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