Greg - 7. rész

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We are in the height summer now and this holiday resort is in full swing. There are people here from all walk of life and there are also a lot of events, for example concerts, fairs, dance shows...Last week a catwalk was set up in the main square and young children were the models. I love this hustle and bustle, it's very different from the atmosphere of that small town in north of England I come from. I spend almost all my free time with Jessica, and sometimes she comes and sees me when I'm duty, too. The other day she stayed until I finished work then we just sat down in the white sand on the beach with few cans of beer – yes, she loves beer! :-) – and relaxed. it got dark people started making fires all along that busy stretch, and a group of young Mexican musician came down and entertained with their nice songs. It was very relaxing, we went to bed really late.

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