Greg - 6. rész

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Do you want to know how things went with Jessica  other day? Well, I called her in the morning and we agreed to go surfing  the afternoon. You remember, it's one of her favourite sports activities and  too. We were lucky because it was a windy afternoon and there were some good waves to ride on. We had a great time, and I must admit she's much better on the surfboard  I am...I told her I'd like to take some lessons from her but she just smiled. „Then – I said – would you like to have dinner with me? What do you say?” She said yes and I took her to a very romantic restaurant I knew. We had a lovely meal with few glasses  wine and she told me about Mexico, what she' done and what she'd seen there. When it was time to leave I offered to walk her home. We had our first kiss that night and I walked home feeling in heaven. Gosh, I've got to go now, I want to  a swim before I start work. I'll be back soon.

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