Greg - 5. rész

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I'm in my flat now, I  just got home from the pub. Are you interested how I ended up there? Well, today wasn't an ordinary working day. In the morning, I was about to take my lunch break when was an emergency situation. Someone who had swum pretty far out got a bad cramp and needed help as he was only able to float on his back. He was in danger he was drifting away from the shore. I had to swim out to and managed to get him back to the shore. To be honest, I got exhausted in the process. Poor fellow was very grateful, and invited for a drink when my shift was over.  That's how I ended up in the pub and I drank a bit too much I'm tipsy now. I need to have a good, long sleep because Jessica coming back tonight and I want to be in tiptop shape when we meet  tomorrow. I'm looking forward seeing her again! I'm going to ask her out and hope she'll say yes…

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