Greg - 3. rész

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You could probably hardly wait to read the beach party and today I’m bringing you all the details. Well, the nights here are pleasantly warm at this time of year so I went in shorts and a T-shirt which was patterned with sharks. I kind wanted to show I looking for adventures. After drinking  few coctails I was brave enough to hit the dance floor and started to try to move my body to the rhythm. I never been much of a dancer but the girl dancing close to me didn’t seem to care. Apparently, she was having a good time and her playful behaviour helped me relax. I struck up a conversation with and it turned out that she was at university in Los Angeles and was on a month’s or so vacation here friends. The music was very loud so we went to a bar a bit further away. We on talking for hours, and before we went our separate ways we agreed to meet lunch the following day. To be continued…

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