Greg - 10. rész

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Hey guys, Ive got some bad news. Jess is flying home to San Francisco a few days' time to spend some time with her family before she begins her next semester  university. We're gonna keep in touch, of course, email, text or phone, but we're likely to see each other before the end of the year.  But then, and it's the good part,  we're gonna fly to New York and stay for a week, celebrating New Year's Eve there. I'm already forward to it! My working holiday is also coming to end shortly, and I'm gonna miss my new mates here. Tomorrow is our last day together with Jess. In the afternoon I'm going shopping with her, she wants to buy some local souvenirs for family and friends. And in evening I'm gonna take her to the same romantic restaurant we went to on our first date. A surprise present is also waiting her, but I won't tell you what. :-) See you back in England!

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