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Hi everybody!

It has been a long time since I last sent a report. I tried not to leave so many clues so that the Chinese couldn't find me. I hope you remember that from the previous episode. I have wanted to visit Mexico for a long time but I was busy to travel around the World. I also wanted a special time and reason to come so here I am in Mexico at last! The particular event I am about to experience is the Mexican day of the dead, the "Dia de los Muertos". I was honored to stay at my old buddy's place, in the house of Javier Ricardo Pena's in Mexico City. With the help of his family I was able to get the real feeling of  "Dia de los Muertos". What are the origins of the Mexican day of the dead? Why is it so different from the traditions we have in Hungary? In Pre-Hispanic times in Mexico the dead were believed to continue their life in a different world but their spirits still had a strong connection with their family. When the Spanish conquerors arrived and brought Catholicism, the old customs were mixed with the Catholic traditions and Day of the Dead became the celebration you can see today. 

Sightseeing is one thing I never miss when I am travelling. I only had the time to walk around Plaza de la Constitución which is practically the main square of Mexico City and is surrounded by marvelous buildings. The other place I checked out was Bosque de Chapultepec which is a huge park and a lot more beautiful than Schönbrunn in Vienna.

As you can imagine, I love tasting local dishes and the same applies to Mexico. My friend Pena took me to a lovely little local restaurant and I ate mole poblano which is a slightly sweet chicken dish and has many types. The other dish was barbacoa which is made of lamb and includes salsa, diced onion, coriander and a huge squeeze of lime juice. Obviously I wanted something special to drink so they gave me agave wine named pulque. Believe it or not, it looks like milk. Next day I took part in the parade which was held in the downtown. I wore an authentic mask as you can see. It was a fabulous feeling to be there.

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