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Hello everybody! Many things have happened since I last gave you a report. Mexico is a wonderful place but if you meet drug addicts, it is never a pleasant experience. I accidentally bumped into some muggers in Tijuana who took all my money, luggage, spare clothes and documents. I was so desperate I started looking for some real tough guys who could help me. I found the local members of the syndicate. Even as experts at human trafficking they were surprised to hear I wanted to go to Europe not the US. They granted their help but they also told me that one day, and this day might never come, they would ask me a favor and I wouldn't be able to say no. I wished I had had a better option but I accepted the deal.

Cruising across the Caribbean is said to be a fabulous journey. Well, not if you are cramped into a small cargo space among tropical fruit and bottles of tequila. Obviously, it was just the cover. We were delivering special goods for another organization in Calabria, Italy. Not mentioning the names of these groups above is not a mistake. If you want to find out more, Google is your friend. After weeks of sailing I got off the ship in San Ferdinando wearing shorts and a T-shirt and I quickly realized winter was there even in Calabria. In short, I was freezing my butt off. The Calabrian guys were laughing at me but gave me a hat and a fur coat which kept me warm. Still without money and papers I set off to Hungary with every means possible. Sometimes I walked, other times I hitchhiked. In the end I fare dodged on a train from Sopron to Budapest.

It has been a long time since I left this city but some things never change. An early morning in Nyugati Square can still keep surprises in the streets. As I stopped in the underpass to have a little rest I spotted an overweight old man lying on the steps. Guess who, it was Santa Claus! He had had a very exhausting night so he was resting tired but happy. :) We had a great conversation sitting on the ground and I told him about my journeys. It has been a marvelous year of travelling going on a safari in India, walking around Scotland seeing unbelievable creatures, chilling out in Cuba making friends with local old folks and all the rest from jungles, through the mountains into amazing festivals.

Despite not disturbing anybody in the street, suddenly a lot of policemen turned up and surrounded us. They didn’t recognize my new buddy Santa but they treated us like real criminals. If only they dealt with the real figures of organized crime. We both tried to convince them we hadn't done anything illegal but they kept saying we had and began to handcuff me. That was the moment when even good old Santa lost his patience and gave a sharp tune of his whistle. All of a sudden the magic sleigh appeared with reindeers and the policemen got stunned. Without any hesitation we jumped in and cleared off. Did they serve and protect? Well, not us for sure.

Santa Claus had such a hangover, he couldn’t give orders to the “crew” but thank God, the reindeers knew the way to my flat and took me home. I just had a little time back to have a shower and get changed before going back to work to the language school. Being able to speak a foreign language helped me a lot in the last year. If you learn languages with us, it can help you too in every situation. The adventures have come to the end so it is time for the busy workdays to go on.

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