Charlie - Sport


athletics = atlétika

basketball = kosárlabda

boxing = boksz

canoeing = kenu

car racing = autóverseny

cycling = kerékpározás

diving = műugrás

fencing = vívás

football = foci

gymnastics = torna

handball = kézilabda

hockey = jégkorong

horse racing = lóverseny

jogging = kocogás

motorcycle racing = motorverseny

skating = korcsolyázás

skiing = síelés

swimming = úszás

table tennis = asztalitenisz

tennis = tenisz

volleyball = röplabda

weightlifting = súlyemelés

wrestling = birkózás

Extreme sports:

mountain climbing = hegymászás

parachuting = ejtőernyőzés

Where you do sports:

stadium = stadion

(tennis, basketball, volleyball, squash) court = pálya

(football, baseball) pitch = pálya

swimming pool = medence

Equipment: (felszerelés)

ball = labda

goal = kapu

helmet = sisak

net = háló

tennis racket = ütő

table tennis / baseball bat = ütő

swimsuit = úszóruha (fürdőruha)

whistle = síp


coach = edző

fan = rajongó

goalkeeper = kapus

player = játékos

referee = játékvezető

supporter = szurkoló

winner = nyertes

1. Answer the questions:

I am going to a football match tonight.
Football? You must be joking. I hate it.
Why? It is very interesting.
I don't like it. There are lots of people shouting and crying like madmen, twenty-two players in shorts run after a ball in the field and try to kick it. There are much better sports than football.
Really? For example what?
For me all water sports are great. I love swimming. It is quiet. And it is not only about competition, you can keep fit and stay healthy if you go swimming twice a week, you don't need a whole team you can do it on your own.
I like being at a match with lots of loud fans cheering.
I see. Have fun tonight.

Who is a football fan?


Why does Bill like swimming?

He can do it alone.
He goes swimming twice a week.

Bill says that ...

swimming is relaxing.
people make very little noise when they swim.

Bill finds ...

football exciting.
football rules boring.

Mike is going to a match ...

on the same day when he talks to Bill.
with some football fan friends.