Charlie - Living room

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Welcome to my home!

Today I am going to show you a bit of my flat. As I told you before I live in a very old house, in a small flat on the second floor. There is a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom, and a bathroom in my flat. Let’s look around in my living room today.

Nouns - főnevek  
door ajtó  
window ablak
curtain függöny
picture kép
armchair karosszék/fotel
coffee table dohányzóasztal
carpet szőnyeg   
bookshelf könyvespolc
books könyvek 
CD player CD-lejátszó
phone telefon
TV tévé
light switch villanykapcsoló
socket konnektor
sofa kanapé
clock falióra
Activities in the living room  
watch television tévét néz
listen to the radio / music rádiót/zenét hallgat
read a book könyvet olvas
have guests vendéget fogad
talk/chat beszélget
relax pihen
near közel
next to mellett
in the corner a sarokban
in the middle középen
on the wall a falon
under alatt
behind mögött
in front of előtt
over fölött
turn on bekapcsol
turn off kikapcsol
switch the light on felkapcsolja a lámpát




Charlie’s activities in the living room – Let’s see what he likes doing (don’t forget -ING form after LIKE)

 Since I am a scientist, I spend most of my time at home. One of my favourite rooms is the living room.
In the morning, with my first cup of tea in my hand I like reading the newspaper.
During the day if I have time I like listening to classical music sitting in my armchair.
Sometimes in the afternoon my friends visit me and we like playing bridge.
When I am alone I like reading a book but I don’t really like watching television.



Fill the gaps with the prepositions: IN, ON, NEXT, OF, MIDDLE

There is a coffee table in the of the room.

There is a reading lamp the corner.

There are some beautiful pictures the wall.

The armchair is to the sofa.

The TV is front the sofa.

Give the names of things in the living room









My aunt, Molly’s living room – Fill the gaps with the correct word

sofa – sitting – armchair – watching – chatting – drinking – playing – listening – looking

My aunt, Molly is a nice, old English lady. She spends a lot of her time at home. She loves cats and she likes in her living room in the . In the morning, she likes a cup of tea and out of the window. During the day if it rains she likes to classical music sitting on the with one of her cats. Sometimes in the afternoon some friends visit her and they like or cards. In the evening she really likes soap operas on television.

Choose the correct word for the definition

If I want to read a book, I choose one from the:

coffee table

Two or three people can sit on it.


I use it to switch on/off the light.

light switch
power point

We usually put it on the floor, in the middle of the room.


Every evening I watch…

CD player

Turn on the … , I want to listen to the weather forecast.

CD player