Charlie - In the city

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Hello everyone! Last week I had to go to London because I needed to borrow some books from the London Library. To tell the truth I don’t really like city life. It’s too busy for me and I don’t know the streets very well. As you will see below I had to ask for directions this time too. But first let’s learn some important words related to the city.


 Nouns - főnevek  
 road  út
 street  utca
 square  tér
 pedestrian area  sétálóutca
 park  park
Directions - irányok  
near - far közel - távol
left – right bal - jobb
straight egyenes(en)
in front of / opposite előtt / szemben
behind mögött
next to mellett
on the corner a sarkon
between között


Places - helyek  
railway station vasútállomás
library könyvtár
tourist information office turistainformáció 
city hall városháza
post office posta
museum múzeum
car park parkoló
bus station autóbusz-állomás
bank bank
shopping centre bevásárlóközpont
church templom
hospital kórház 
Verbs - igék  
cross the road átmegy az úton
park the car leparkol
go straight egyenesen megy
turn left/right balra/jobbra fordul
People- emberek  
police officer rendőr
shop assistant bolti eladó
bank clerk banki alkalmazott
bus driver buszsofőr
postman postás
librarian könyvtáros


Signs - jelzések

no parking
no entry
traffic lights
bus stop

Answer the questions

Where do you go to see paintings?

Where do you go shopping?

Where do you park your car?

Where do you go to take a bus?

Where do you go to send a letter?

Where do you go if you need emergency?

Look at the map and complete the sentences

The taxi rank is o the shop, b the town hall.

The tower is the seashore the beach.

The hospital is b the beach and the mountains.

There is a p b next to the shop.

Can you read these words?

sopt cifefo

firtafc sightl

hops sisasnatt



iywalra nottisa


Complete the dialogue

As I told you, today I had to go to the London Library. Before leaving home obviously I checked the address on the Internet. I found „14 Saint James’s Square, London”. First I tried to find the library on my own but after a while I decided to ask for directions. Here is the dialogue.

Use the words below to complete it.

near, way, tourist, Excuse, metres, traffic lights, can

- 1. me, is Saint James’s Square 2. here? I’m looking for the London Library.

- Sorry, I don’t know, I’m a 3..

- Excuse me, 4. you tell me the 5. to Saint James’s Square? I need to go to the London Library.

- Ah, the London Library. Yes, turn left at the 6.. Then go straight ahead for about 200 7.. I think it’s behind the park on the right. - Thank you. - You are welcome.