Charlie - Bedroom and bathroom

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Welcome again to my home. Today I am going to tell you a bit about my daily routine and we are going to speak about the most important objects and verbs related to the bedroom and the bathroom. Let’s see these useful words.

Nouns - főnevek  
bedroom hálószoba
bed ágy
bedside lamp kis lámpa
cupboard szekrény
mirror tükör
chest of drawers komód
alarm clock ébresztőóra
wardrobe ruhásszekrény
dressing table pipereasztal
hairbrush hajkefe
comb fésű
night dress/nightie hálóing
pyjamas pizsama
bathroom fürdőszoba
shower zuhany
bath fürdőkád
toilet vécé
basin mosdókagyló
shelf polc
towel törölköző
soap szappan
shampoo sampon
toothbrush fogkefe
toothpaste fogkrém
go to bed lefekszik aludni
fall asleep elalszik
turn on/off the light fel/lekapcsolja a lámpát
get dressed/undressed felöltözik/levetkőzik
brush / comb hair megfésülködik
have a shower/bath zuhanyozik/fürdik
wash hands/face megmossa a kezét/arcát
clean/brush teeth fogat mos




Charlie’s routine – let’s see the most important expressions of the daily routine

My daily routine is quite boring due to my strict schedule.
I usually go to bed at around 10 o’clock. I am not a night owl, so I prefer to go to bed early. I put my pyjamas on and I always read a book for a bit. Then I turn off the lights and fall asleep. My alarm clock rings at 6 o’clock every day, so I wake up early in the morning. I get up, go to the bathroom, have a shower and get dressed. Then I go to the kitchen to have breakfast. I usually eat bread, fried eggs with ham and I drink a cup of tea.

Fill the gaps with correct word.

bed – toothbrush – nightie – bathroom – bath – coffee – alarm clock – cupboard

My sister, Emma’s daily routine

Emma’s daily routine is quite different from mine. She’s a very spontaneous person, she doesn’t like organizing her life. She usually goes to at around midnight. She is a real night owl, so she prefers to go to bed late at night. First she goes to the and cleans her teeth with her . Then she takes her on and goes to bed. Then she turns off the lights on the and falls asleep. Her never rings in time, so she always wakes up late in the morning. She gets up after half an hour, has a and gets dressed. Then she goes to the kitchen and has breakfast. She usually eats some toast with butter and jam and drinks .

Write the correct word next to the numbers.









Match the words to the definitions

You can clean your teeth with your .

Before you turn off the light you can put your book on the

You can wash your hands in the with water and .

If you are cold at night, put on your .

When you got dressed, you can check yourself in the .